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Community Information

Pompano Beach, often called “the Heart of the Gold Coast” and named after a fish native to the local waters, is a city located just north of Fort Lauderdale and south of Lighthouse Point in Broward County, Florida. The nearby Hillsboro Inlet forms part of the Intracoastal Waterway, which is a major waterway that runs through the eastern end of the city, parallel to the Atlantic Ocean.

Settlers first reached the Pompano Beach area around the mid-1880s, but the first documented permanent residents were George Butler and Frank Sheene and their families, who arrived in 1896 as railway employees. It is said that Sheene gave the community its name after the fish he had for dinner one night. In 1906 Pompano became the southernmost settlement in newly created Palm Beach County. That year, the Hillsboro Lighthouse was completed on the beach. On July 3, 1908, a new municipality was incorporated in what was then Dade County: the Town of Pompano.  In 1915, Pompano Beach then became a part of the newly established Broward County, with its northern boarder situated at the Hillsboro Canal.

Pompano Beach Weather

Pompano Beach enjoys a mild, tropical climate with hot, rainy summer days, and less frequent rain for the rest of the year. The winters, lasting from late November through early March, tend to be balmy with an occasional cold snap. The weather in the summer tends to stay in the high 80s to low nineties, while in the weather in the winter typically stay ranges from the high 70s to low 80s during the day, and dips into the 60s at night.

Things to do in Pompano Beach

Pompano Beach boasts miles of beautiful uninterrupted white sandy beaches that provide year-round fun and relaxation, including activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, boating, fishing, paddle boarding, surfing, kayaking, and more. Anglers and families flock to the local beach, complete with its 1,000-foot-long municipal fishing pier and public grills, picnic tables, and beachside playgrounds. More entertainment may be found at the City’s Aquatic and Tennis Center, ball park and golf courses, as well as the famous harness race track and the casino in the western part of the city. Ice skating and hockey at the Ice Arena, shopping, dining, sports, cultural events, and music venues offer entertainment options for those from all walks of life. Annual special events include a holiday boat parade in December, seafood festival in April, and fishing rodeo in May. Be sure to check out the best local restaurants including Antica Roma CaffeFish ShackCafe BrieMediterraneo Cucina Siciliana, Table 2201, The Rusty Hook TavernCheckers Old MunchenCalypso Restaurant & Raw Bar, and Take Sushi.

Pompano Beach Demographics

Square Mileage: 25.4 square miles
Population: 136,059
Population Density: 4,160 per square mile
Growth Rate: 1.1% since 2010
Cty Website: Pompano Beach
Crime Rate: Above average
Average Household Income: $64,994
Average Home Price: $208,309
Population by Race: 46.6% White, 31.9% African American, 19.7% Hispanic
Population by Age: 17.7% under 18, 7.4% from 18 – 24, 29.1% from 25 – 44, 22.5% from 45 – 64, & 23.4% 65+
Neighborhood Walkability: Score of 47 out of 100

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