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Hillsboro Beach is situated on a small peninsula just north of Pompano Beach in Broward County. It extends from the Hillsboro Inlet on the south to Deerfield Beach on the north. It is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean on the east and the Intracoastal Waterway on the west. Its greatest width is about 900 feet. It has but one road, State Highway A1A. The Hillsboro Lighthouse, completed in 1907, towers 136 feet above the northern end of the Florida Reef. It contains a 5,500,000 candle power light. This makes it the most powerful light on the east coast of the United States.

The name Hillsboro Beach is derived from the Earl of Hillsborough, who received large grants of land from the English Crown during one of the periods of English possession of Florida that alternated with Spanish ownership. Florida became part of the United States by purchase from Spain in 1819. In 1922, Herbert L. Malcolm (later a Town Commissioner for ten years and Mayor for two terms) bought land next to the Inlet and built a school.

In 1925 he turned the school into a hotel, which became the present Hillsboro Club. The Town was originally incorporated in 1939 and remained inactive until 1947 when it was incorporated by a special act of the Florida Legislature. At that time the Town had 17 voters, 9 private houses, 4 groups of rental cottages and apartments, and the Hillsboro Club. Highway A1A was still an unpaved, sandy road. A narrow bridge, operated by hand, connected Hillsboro Beach to Pompano Beach.

Hillsboro Beach Weather

Hillsboro Beach has a tropical climate with hot summer days, frequent thunderstorms in the summer, and less frequent rain for the rest of the year. The winters, lasting from late November through early March, tend to be balmy with an occasional cold front. The weather in the summer tends to stay in the high 80s to low nineties, while in the winter the weather typically stays in the high 70s to low 80s during the day, and dips into the 60s at night.

Things to do in Hillsboro Beach

Hillsboro Beach is well-known for its water activities, including boating, fishing, scuba diving and snorkeling, paddle boarding, kayaking, surfing, and more. There are many excellent dining options in the area, including Antica Roma CaffeLa Crepe, Press Gourmet SandwichesGet Reel CevicheCafe BrieEduardo De San Angel, and Mediterraneo Cucina Siciliana.

Hillsboro Beach Demographics

Square Mileage: 1.5 square mile
Population: 1,981
Population Density: 5,131 per square mile
Growth Rate: -8.4% since 2010
Crime Rate: Bel0w average
Website: Town Of Hillsboro Beach
Median Income: $60,288
Median Home Price: $334,675
Population by Race: 96.76% White, 1.165 African American
Median Age: 66.8 years
Neighborhood Walkability: Score of 8 out of 100

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