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Located directly off A1A and Seabreeze Boulevard in Southeast Fort Lauderdale, Harbor Beach is a waterfront neighborhood located a mere 5 minutes away from the Atlantic Ocean. It is also very close to Fort Lauderdale Beach, Las Olas Blvd. and downtown Fort Lauderdale. Harbor Beach is a gated, security patrolled community, and offers membership in a private Beach Club and Marina to all residents. Homes located on the east side of A1A sit outside the gated area of the community. Homes located on Seabreeze Blvd., East Lake Drive, S.E. River Lane Drive, Mercedes Drive, Isla Bahia Drive, Del Lago Drive, West Lake Drive, Harbor Beach Parkway, Laguna Drive, Laguna Terrace, and Lucille Drive all sit within the gated walls of Harbor Beach.

Harbor Beach was originally established in the 1940s, although the neighborhood now includes a mixture of original construction and new construction homes, along with those that have significantly remodeled or updated. Home for sale in Harbor Beach include both waterfront and non-waterfront homes, including canal-front, lakefront, and Intracoastal front properties. The canals of Harbor Beach are wide and deep, with access to the ocean unencumbered by fixed bridges.

Right across the street from the central community of Harbor Beach, on the opposite side of Seabreeze Blvd. and A1A, directly off Maya Drive, is the Community of Harbor Beach Extension, which offers fixed bridge access to the ocean. These homes are located on Ocean Drive, Mayan Drive, Grace Drive, Marion Drive, and Marietta Drive, and sit outside the gated walls of Harbor Beach.

Square Mileage: Less than 1 square mile
Population: 828
Population Density: 1,930 per square mile
Growth Rate: 1.1% since 2010
Crime Rate: Above average
Average Income: $105,620
Average Home Price: $558,800
Population by Race: 93.77% White
Population by Age: 57% of the population is over 45 with few children
Neighborhood Walkability: Score of 16 out of 100

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