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Homes For Rent – Poinsettia Heights

Poinsettia Heights homes for rent

The neighborhood of Poinsettia Heights is located in the northeast section of Fort Lauderdale. This neighborhood sits west of Federal Highway (US 1) and north of Sunrise Boulevard, and is adjacent to Middle River Terrace and Lake Ridge. Poinsettia Heights, originally named called “North Ridge,” was built in the 1940s and early 1950s by Gill Construction Company. The homes in this neighborhood line the streets from 15th Avenue Lake Melva in the east and in the west to 20th Avenue. Fort Lauderdale’s Middle River forms the neighborhood’s  natural northern boundary, and 13th Street separates it from the nieghborhood of Lake Ridge.

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Many renters are attracted to the Poinsettia Heights nieghborhood because of its appealing mix of small (under 2,000 square feet) bungalows, along with newer homes that reflect the size criteria for South Florida luxury homes (4,000 or more square feet). A handful of townhomes and condos (multi-family dwellings are zoned for only the two busiest thoroughfares) are included in this housing mix. Regardless of the type of Fort Lauderdale property you’re looking to rent, you’ll find it in Poinsettia Heights.

Although Poinsettia Height is relatively small in terms of square mileage, there’s still plenty to do within the nieghborhood’s boundries. The community has 76% more cafes, 89% more restaurants, and six times as many gyms per capita than other, similar sized South Florida communities. Residents of this vibrant neighborhood are also close enough to downtown Fort Lauderdale to easily take advantage of everything living in the heart of the city has to offer. Be sure to check out the area’s top restaurants, which include Pink Sub, Il PaesanoSubs 27Alegria TacosNaked Grape Wine & TapasCafe SevilleBravo Gourmet Sandwich and Peruvian Cuisine, Flash Fire Pizza, and La Dolce Vita. There are also plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy, including running, biking, boating, kayaking, fishing, and swimming,

Poinsettia Heights Demographics

Square Mileage: less than 1 square mile
Population: 2,670
Population Density: 4,566 per square mile
Growth Rate: 1.1% since 2010
Crime Rate: Above average
Average Income: $98,594
Average Home Price: $235,250
Population by Race: 87.40% White, 5.8% African-American
Population by Age: 38.40% of are 45 – 64, 19.20% are 34 – 44. Children and adolescents account for around 5% of the population
Neighborhood Walkability: Score of 16 out of 100

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